Digital solutions for population health programs

canSCREEN is a purpose-built registry software solution specifically designed and architected for population health programs. It is a high-performing, integrated, flexible and automated registry platform supporting population health screening and prevention at local, regional and national levels. It delivers complete screening records in line with program policies and guidelines, and can support screening multiple programs.

Benefits of a Population Health Screening Registry

Reduce the incidence and mortality of preventable diseases by supporting screening initiatives - ultimately saving lives.

Underpins reporting on program performance, safety and quality of screening services.

Improve the quality and integrity of data on screening program participation to inform public health policy formulation and safety monitoring.

Provide data to maximise participation amongst under-screened groups (including culturally and linguistically diverse populations) through targeted initiatives.

Inform the effectiveness of government cancer prevention and treatment services driving policy and the delivery of cost effective healthcare.

Provide critical data and analytics to support research into epidemiology, prevention and treatment.

Provide a framework for clinical trials assessing the efficacy of screening tests.

Build strong relationships between various stakeholders contributing to cancer screening, driving the success of screening programs.

Key Features

Consumer Care
  • Country and regional support, including management of multiple programs
  • Consumer management module
  • Program management module
  • Scanning and document management
Master Data Management
  • Consumer matching engine
  • Duplicate detection and resolution
  • Address resolution – geocoding
  • Multiple sources/data feeds
  • Data migration
  • Quality Inherent in the design
  • Integrated clinical and
  • Quality assurance functionality
  • Detailed auditing
  • Data accuracy indicators
Integration with Health Services
  • Deceased data
  • Government information
  • Population listings
  • Health Identifiers
  • Other service providers
  • Industry Standards - HL7, FHIR, LOINC, SNOMED, ISO etc
  • Clinical contact event management
  • Support for clinical trials
Data Analytics
  • Dedicated business intelligence platform
  • Integrated dashboards
  • Standard and ad-hoc reporting
  • Health information management and data analytics supporting clinical care, operations, and research
High Performance Search
  • A comprehensive search service
  • Google-like search options
  • High performance to support large population based data
  • Rich feature set search results grid
  • User centric design to support contact centre operators
  • Manages large data searches using features such as filtering and categorisation
Highly Configurable
  • Matching rule configuration
  • Correspondence templates
  • Reminder and clinical care pathway management
  • Health Program level configuration
  • Configurable rules engine

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